Below you will find the description of the service and help to complete the application . Read them carefully!


The service makes available to the public administrations that require it for the exercise of their public functions the documents and technical data prepared by the professional associations mentioned above.

Temporary nature of the documents: The documents will be delivered as long as the member concerned has not objected to the electronic transmission of the documentation and the date of the visa, if applicable, is not more than five years old (this data is indicative and could vary according to the issuing college).

Access to the documents will be done electronically via Via Oberta.

Issuing body Professional associations that have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of electronic information exchange services with the AOC Consortium.
Query type Manual: data query by the public employee, through the EACAT > Via Oberta web interface. The consultation system is individual (case by case).
Automated: through web services (data query directly through the public body's own information systems)
How to make inquiries See content: Professional colleges: technical documents (how to make inquiries)
User type

Public administrations and entities that depend on them.

Specific case: the departments of the Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the bodies and entities that depend on it that want to access the service must apply to the Office of Processes and Electronic Administration ( http://governacio.gencat .cat )


To be a consumer of the services, different aspects must be taken into account:

Legal-organizational: the requesting administration must carry out the regulatory adaptation to stop asking the citizen for technical documents (visas, certificates,...) that must be the subject of consultation, review or evaluation in the processing and resolution of their procedures or actions.

In the mode of verification of "documents visas electronically" it is not necessary to obtain the consent of the person concerned as it is a mere verification in which no personal data is transferred. As such, it will only be necessary to verify that the regulation governing the corresponding procedure foresees that the administration will carry out the check. In the other modalities, it will be necessary to obtain the consent of the interested person in order for the administration to carry out the consultation.

Technicians: if the data query is carried out manually, the public employee must be registered with EACAT and authorized to use this service. Identification at EACAT must be carried out with a digital certification card (T-CAT or equivalent)

If the query is carried out automatically, through Web Services, the information system that makes the data requests must sign them with a certificate of application (CDA) from the administration responsible for the system.

Service request and required documentation

Service request:

Entities wishing to request the service must complete the following steps:

  1. Adhering to the Interoperability Framework Agreement , hereinafter CMI (in the case of local administrations and entities that depend on them), or having signed a collaboration agreement with the AOC Consortium (in the case of professional associations and other institutions) or having formalized the acceptance of the general conditions of use of the Catalog of Interoperable Data and Documents of Catalonia (CDiDIC)
  1. Appoint an interoperability manager, through the IOP Manager appointment request form that you will find in EACAT-Procedures, if you have not done so previously. The duties of the IOP manager are:
    • Authorize and designate the users who will be able to use the service within their organization.
    • Ensure adequate management and access to the system within the framework of your organization
  1. Complete the application forms for authorization of access to the documents of the different colleges, which are available on the website of the AOC Consortium (Home / Services / Via Oberta).
  2. If you want 'Integration via Web Services, you will need to check this option on the service request form.

Documentation to be provided:

  1. Document of adhesion to the CMI or acceptance of the general conditions of use of the CDiDIC, if applicable.
  2. Request forms for authorization to access the data and documents of the different schools, duly completed and signed electronically; and integration request form, if applicable.

The form must be submitted, together with the document of adhesion to the CMI or of acceptance of the general conditions of use of the CDiDIC (if it has not been sent previously) through the EACAT, tab "Procedures ", provider "Consorci AOC" , Procedure "Service request: Registration of services Via Oberta"

cost It has no cost