Inquiries can be made in the following ways:

1. Technical documents: this modality allows you to verify , first of all, whether a project is approved or available electronically, based on:

  • Project ID
  • Member ID (optional)

The information that will be obtained is:


In the event that the project is viewed/available electronically, you can request its download . This modality is asynchronous: The time to obtain the documentation will depend on the downloading policy of the issuing college and may take between 1 and 24 hours.

Access to the documents will be done through the EACAT > Via Oberta> DCOC-Petitions screen. Documents will be deleted automatically after 5 days of receipt.

2. Technical data: this modality is only available for WEB INTEGRATION and is subject to prior agreement or agreement between the issuer (professional association) and the applicant.

Allows you to consult specific data of a project, from:

  • Project ID
  • Member ID (optional)

The information obtained from the query is:

  • Technical data specific to a certain project, in XML format, which will have been previously agreed upon by the professional association and the applicant.