Do you want to put your register online?

The online Census service makes available to other administrations the data of residence and cohabitation of the municipal Censuses that are necessary to process their administrative procedures and to guarantee the right of citizens not to provide data or documents prepared or in possession of the administration.

In order to put the information in this register online, that is, to make it electronically accessible to the other administrations, the municipality concerned must request the signing of the Collaboration Agreement with the AOC Consortium for the telematic issuance of leaflets of the municipal register of inhabitants.

To apply, follow these steps:

    • Approval and signing of the agreement: Remember that all the details of the legal representative must be filled in.
    • Send the duly signed agreement to the AOC by means of a generic submission stating the matter: Legal Advice-Register Agreement. You can find the generic submission in EACAT> Procedures and on the right side of the screen you will find the most used procedures; among them the generic submission:

    • Send the integration form : A Word document will be downloaded in which you must fill in the details of the entity and the technician responsible for the integration and mark the services or products that you want to integrate with your systems; in this case you will have to mark “Municipal Register of Inhabitants”.

Once we receive the agreement, instructions will be given to our Technical Office to integrate your entity into the online registration network.

When the process is complete and yours is integrated, we will notify you and you will receive a copy of the agreement signed by the AOC Managing Director.

If you have delegated the management of your register to the County Council or the corresponding Provincial Council , it is not necessary to sign the Collaboration Agreement with the AOC Consortium for the telematic issuance of flyers for the municipal register of inhabitants. The AOC has already signed agreements with supra-municipal bodies for the provision of this service. In this case, you must request the County Council or the Provincial Council in charge of managing your Register to inform us of the inclusion of your town council in the registration service for registration flyers.