Who is responsible for the interoperability of my body?

You can access EACAT, identify yourself with a username and password or digital certificate, and to the right of the HOME tab you will see the name of the interoperability manager:

If no user appears, it is because the entity has not designated one or because this person is no longer a user of the entity in EACAT.

In this case, an interoperability officer must be appointed, as explained below.

Designation of the interoperability manager

The person legally representing the entity, the mayor's office or the secretariat, must formally appoint and communicate to the AOC Consortium an interoperability manager, whose functions will be:

  • Be the interlocutor with the AOC Consortium for interoperability issues.
  • Ensure proper management and access to the system within the framework of your organization.
  • Designate and authorize, through the use of the electronic signature, the users who within their organization will be able to make use of the Via Oberta services requested by the entity. It should be borne in mind that it is mandatory to have T-CAT to authorize users.

The appointment of the person in charge can be made at the time of joining the WCC, or through the form available at:

EACAT> Procedures> AOC Consortium> Application for services> Application for appointment of the interoperability manager

The same procedure must be followed for adding or modifying the interoperability manager as for designating.

How to fill out the form:

The name and NIF of the entity will already be filled in.

The "Action" field is a drop-down where the possible actions are:

  • Registration : If you want to register a new Interoperability Officer.
  • Termination : If you want to terminate an Interoperability Officer.
  • Ratification : If any of the Interoperability Managers is to be registered / terminated; those that do not change are ratified. The "Ratify" option will appear in this field.

With the + button a new line will appear to fill in the data of another Interoperability Manager.

With the Button - the Interoperability Manager of the line from which you selected will disappear.

Once we have received the form from the AOC Consortium, we will authorize the designated person and communicate it to the body.

Authorizations and inquiries from my body

The interoperability manager can access EACAT> VIA OBERTA> SIRI and consult the authorizations of the Via Oberta service as well as other AOC services.

From the "My Products" section, the interoperability manager will be able to see which services have been authorized by the AOC.

Regarding "My queries", you can filter by Purpose, Product Type, Product, Mode and Dates.

And the result will show the queries that match the search. Indicate the date and time of the query, which user of the query made it and which file is associated with the query:

Authorize a user to access Via Oberta

1st The interoperability manager of the entity must access EACAT with a digital certificate:

2nd Then the person in charge must go to "Settings" and select the user who needs to be given permissions.

3rd Once the user has been selected, it will be necessary to search for the Via Oberta service to assign him / her roles. If the user already has a role, just add the new roles, do not search for the service.

4th Then you need to select the products that the user must access (1) and select the "more" icon to assign (2)

5th The system will then sign the operation

Any warnings regarding the use of JAVA must be accepted. Then select the certificate to sign with and enter the PIN.

6th Permits will be assigned

7th Once the permissions have been assigned, if the authorized user was within EACAT, they must close the application and log back in so that the new roles are assigned correctly.