If your organization's digital certificate for the use of Via Oberta's AEAT service is about to expire:

Since you need the serial number of the certificate and to download the public key, it is necessary for the person in charge of your certification service to access the certification portal, specifically in the subscriber folder . You will find the steps to follow in the FAQ “Subscriber folder: how to download the public key of a certificate? " .

  • STEP 3. Once done, the AEAT will reply to you by email indicating whether the use of the new certificate has been authorized. Then, you will need to send it to us by generic EACAT delivery indicating in the Subject of the same that it is a " Certificate renewal for the consumption of the AEAT service " and attach the following:
      • The confirmation email from the AEAT authorizing the new certificate (in PDF format)
      • The certificate replacement form that you sent to the AEAT.

Note: In the event that you initially use a CEIXSA type certificate and have another of this type for renewal, you must bear in mind that this type of certificate can no longer be requested and that neither accept for this purpose of use.

Considerations to keep in mind: