a) In the case of local administrations and entities that depend on them: for access to the data consultation of the catalog of data and documents it is necessary to adhere to the Interoperability Framework Agreement (CMI), or to have subscribed a collaboration agreement with the AOC Consortium.

To join the CMI you can use this type of model

The CMI membership form must be attached to the Via Oberta service application forms.

There are two forms that you will find in EACAT > Procedures > Consorci AOC>Request for services

  • Request for authorization by type of procedure for Via Oberta services
  • Request for authorization to access data from the Spanish Tax Administration Agency (AEAT)

In both there is a section where:

  • Or you will indicate the date of accession if you have already signed the Agreement
  • Or, if you are not a member, you can attach it with Annex I of the duly signed agreement.

 b) If you are a body of the Administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia: adhesion to the Convention is not necessary. The request for access to the data provided by the Via Oberta service of the AOC must be made through PICA, which is managed by the Sub-Directorate of Innovation and Digital Administration (SIAD). In order to request the service, you must contact the SIAD via the email address administraciondigital.presidencia@gencat.cat .

With respect to the data offered by the General Directorate of Traffic, they are currently not available to the bodies of the Generalitat since, according to the information on the Data Intermediation Platform, a specific agreement is required to regulate their consumption.

The list of parties to the Interoperability Framework Agreement 20230301