Sometimes the question arises as to whether it is allowed to consult a piece of data in the context of a procedure other than the one for which we are authorized to consult it . It is important to note that if you do not have authorization to access specific data in a particular procedure, you are not legally authorized to consult it, even if it is the same data that you have access to in another procedure.

In Via Oberta, requests for access to consultation modalities are requested by procedure. Therefore, only the consultation of a data is authorized within the framework of the requested procedure, not in a general way.

In the event that you are authorized to consult certain data available in Via Oberta in a specific procedure and you need to consult the same data in the context of another procedure, you will need to submit a new request with the specific regulations of the procedure that following the indications of the FAQ - How do I request registration for Via Oberta services? – VIAOBERTA (