For the processing of the authorization request form of Via Oberta for the resolution of sanctioning procedures for the resolution of sanctioning procedures in matters of traffic and road safety, it is recommended that it be filled in according to the recommendations that we make to you below.

In the Information section of the procedure for which the data is requested, the Type of procedure must be selected: Notification of traffic penalties


In the section Data requested in the procedure, it is necessary to select that they are data from the General Administration of the State and it will be necessary to choose the DGT - Register of vehicles and drivers as the issuer that provides the data .


In relation to the Type of procedure we recommend that you select the procedure code 2947 - Traffic complaints.

This is the code that would include the sanctioning modalities, which includes authorization to consult this data in the framework of procedures linked to traffic and road safety penalties, to inspection and control procedures in matters of traffic and road safety, as well such as traffic certificates from the local police.

When selecting the modes of consumption for this sanctioning procedure, it is important to remember that the DGT only authorizes the modes:

  • Vehicle data query for penalties
  • Query of a driver's penalties


An example of regulatory justification of the sanctioning modalities for sanctioning procedures in matters of traffic and road safety would be the following:


To find out the details of the DGT's services and their requirements, you can consult the Service Charter available on the Consortium's website.