Below you will find the description of the service and help to complete the application . Read them carefully!

Description The service allows town councils (or supra-municipal bodies to which they have delegated the management of the IVTM) to send computerized data relating to this tax debt, from the current year and the previous year, to the Vehicle Register of the DGT that is supported by the ATMV platform. Therefore, it facilitates compliance with articles 97 and 99.3 of RDLeg 2/2004 which approves the revised text of the Local Finances Regulatory Law, and the Resolution of July 9, 2010 of the DGT on computer communication in the Registry of Vehicles for non-payment of the debt corresponding to the IVTM (this resolution entered into force on 7/24/2010)
Issuing body General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). Ministry of the Interior
Query type Manual: data query by the public employee, through the EACAT > Via Oberta web interface. The management system is for LOTS.
Automated: through web services (data query directly through the public body's own information systems)
How to make inquiries Consult DGT content: municipal vehicle tax debtors (how to make inquiries)
User type The town council or supra-municipal bodies to whom they have delegated the management of the IVTM.
Prerequisites To be a consumer of the service, different aspects must be taken into account: Technicians: if data management is carried out manually, the public employee must be registered with EACAT and authorized to use this service . Identification at EACAT must be carried out with a digital certification card (T-CAT or equivalent). If the management is carried out automatically, through Web Services, the information system that makes the calls to the service must sign them with the certificate of application (CDA) of the administration responsible for the system; although the sending/consultation of data to the DGT will be carried out with the dgtCA certificate that will have been given to us by the AOC Consortium.
Service request and required documentation Request for the service: Local entities that wish to be users of the service must fill in the request form for authorization to access the Debtors service of the IVTM, which is available on the website of the AOC Consortium (Home / Services / Open Way). If the Type of inquiry option: 'Integration via Web Services' has been selected in the request, it is essential to also fill in the Via Oberta integration request form via web services. Documentation to be provided: Service access authorization request form (and integration request form, if applicable), duly completed and signed electronically.
Regulatory requirements to complete the application It does not require
cost It has no cost