In order to access the Via Oberta data query, the user's identity must be verified, by means of a public employee digital certificate from the corresponding administration .

The certificate used to access Via Oberta may be of either medium signature level (e.g. T-CAT P ), or high (e.g. T-CAT ) as long as it is linked to the public administration for which the user wants make the inquiry  

It is not essential that the certification service provider be the AOC Consortium, as long as it is a public administration employee certificate.  

Therefore, access to the Via Oberta service CANNOT be obtained with :  

  • A idCAT certificate, given that it is not a certificate that identifies the user as an employee of any public administration.  
  • Any certificate issued by other lenders who are not employees of a public administration, for the same reason as the previous point.  
  • A public employee certificate from an administration other than the one to which the user is attached to the EACAT platform, at the time of making the query.  
  • T-CAT of a pseudonym, given that the requirement to consult Via Oberta is that the person doing the consultation is identified and in this case, this is not the case.