Service approval documents:

Test cases for the indicated services can be found at: -d-Integraci%C3%B3-de-Via-Oberta 

Transferring body service Mode of consumption Integration documentation
State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) Tax Data
  • Tax obligations for public procurement (individual/batch consultation)
  • Tax obligations for transport licenses (individual/batch enquiry)
  • Tax obligations application for aid and subsidies (individual/batch consultation)
  • Tax obligations processing residence and work permits for foreigners (individual/batch consultation)
  • Check tax address
  • Income tax certificate
  • Individual certificate of income level
  • Income certificate for benefits
  • Certificate of Exempt Public Pensions
Economic Activities Tax (IAE)
  • Consultation of the set of headings of the IAE in which the taxpayer is registered on the current date.
General Treasury Social Security (TGSS) Social Security debt and discharge status
  • Be aware of obligations with the SS (individual/batch consultation)
  • Employment registration on a specific date (individual/batch inquiry)
  • Self-employed agricultural activity accreditation
TGSS Working Life
  • Work life consultation of the last year
  • Consultation of a period of the working life of the last 5 years
  • Access to membership numbers.
Directorate General of Police (DGP) identity
  • Verification of identity data
  • Query of identity data (individual/batch query)
National Institute of Statistics (INE) Temporarily out of service
  • Residence listed in the INE
Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) Registration of vehicles and drivers
  • Consult data of a vehicle
  • View data on a vehicle for penalties
  • Query of a driver's driving license data
  • Vehicle data query by the road owner
  • Check penalties, validity and criminal convictions of a driver
  • Query of vehicles registered at the DGT for an owner
Vehicle registration
  • Consult data of a vehicle
  • View a person's data
  • Consult data of a person by affiliation
Municipal vehicle tax debtors (IVTM)
  • Registration of IVTM defaults (individual/batch inquiry)
  • IVTM arrears query (individual/batch query)
  • Elimination of IVTM arrears (individual inquiry)
State Employment Public Service (SEPE) Benefits for unemployment 
  • Benefits received for unemployment
  • Current benefit amounts
  • Benefit amounts by period
Directorate General Cadastre register
  • Cadastral data
  • Certificate of ownership
  • Descriptive and graphic
  • Secure verification code
Ministry of Education Degrees
  • University degrees
  • Non-university degrees
National Social Security Institute (INSS) Public social benefits
  • Benefits perceived
  • Service history query
Ministry of Justice Civil Registry
  • Consult birth
  • Consult marriage
  • Death inquiry
Criminal record
  • Consultation of non-existence of criminal records
  • Consultation of non-existence of antecedents for sexual crimes
Institute of Mayors and Social Services (IMSERSO) Dependency
  • Consultation of level and degree of dependence
Interior Ministry

foreign country
  • Consultation of legal residence data
General Intervention of the State Administration (IGAE) General Intervention of the State Administration
  • Consultation of disqualifications
  • Consultation of concessions
  • Consultation of minimis subsidies.
General Council of the Notary via MINHAP
Powers of attorney
  • Subsistence consultation of administrators of a society.
  • Subsistence consultation of notarial powers.
  • Consultation of simple copies of notarial powers or documents affecting the existence of a notarial power of attorney.
  • Consultation of notaries and notaries.