Step by step integration

Integrated and operational marketplace software is from the following vendors:

    • Meana Group
    • T-Systems
    • Indra
    • Off
    • Summa
    • SEMIC
    • Tecsidel
    • Everis
    • Audifilm
    • @peiron Software
    • Serikat
    • Synerplus
    • CSC
    • Artic Solutions.

The steps to follow in order to carry out the integration with the products of the Via Oberta service are the following:

  1. Fill in the corresponding form that you will find in EACAT> Procedures> AOC Consortium, either for the Via Oberta Service Application or for the AEAT Via Oberta Service Application. In the "Type of query" section, you must check the "Integration through Web Services" box. As explained in the form, if this option is checked, the integration application form must also be filled in and attached using web services (indicating the public IPs with which you will access our environments, in addition attach, the public key (.cer) of the CDA certificate with which you will sign the XML requests via webService and the rest of the requested data and digitally sign it). Once you have submitted the form you are interested in (Open Road Services or AEAT Service), the AOC technicians will contact you.
  2. In the event that you integrate via webservice for the first time with the services of the AOC Consortium, you will need the integration documentation of the Inter-administrative Collaboration Platform (PCI). In order to consume the services of the AOC Consortium, it is necessary to do so through the PCI. PCI is a set of systems and components aimed at the full availability of services with guarantees of maximum security in the service and access to data. The following documentation contains the PCI messaging specifications.
    The AOC Consortium, with the aim of facilitating the development of integrations, puts at your disposal the following example clients of the PCI: -laboration-administrative-2 /
    The Integration Documents (hereinafter, DI) of the services are in:

  3. In the case of products that require it, it will be indicated that a certificate must be assigned or delivered to the AOC for the signing of the requests to the final sender of the data.
  4. Carrying out the integration tests in the pre-production environment. Before moving to Production, you must fill in the Homologation Documents for the integrated services that you will find at:
  5. Configuration of the production environment. If you have completed the service registration process, you can make production requests. Throughout this process you will continue to have the support of the Integration Support Service.